Zundouya Ramen Kurashiki

When Zundouya ramen opened recently in Kurashiki, I could not help but noticing the long line at the door and the packed parking.  It left me wondering if this new ramen shop was any good and my curiosity was rewarded by a great bowl of ramen. I am warning you there seem to be a line in front of that shop the minute they open at 11 AM.

This picture was taken at 10h50 AM and were probably 6th in line.   So I would recommend you go early or enjoy the wait in the busy parking lot.

The restaurant is brand new and not that big.

Apparently, the Kurashiki branch of this ramen shop which is based in Himeji is also one of the production kitchen for the company. The shop seem to be expending its reach and on the menu mentions an upcoming New York City shop.

The waitress brought us a big bowl of takana (Japanese mustard green) while we decided on our order. I’m a big fan of takana and these were really nice.

I ordered the Ajitama ramen with straight noodles and full taste which is 800 yen. Zundouya offers pork based tonkotsu ramen.

Zundouya offers straight and curly noodles and 4 degrees of taste or thickness.   You can easily point on the menu which suits your taste the best.

The gyoza and fried chicken were not bad, but the ramen was the real star of the meal.

Zundouya is a great addition to the Kurashiki ramen scene and it’s conveniently located right next to Union Bread and my favorite record shop.

Come early and enjoy some good heart clogging ramen!

Zundouya Ramen Kurashiki