Yashi Tonkatsu in Kurashiki

If you happen to be anywhere near the Sasaoki area of Kurashiki, Yashi is the perfect place to eat a decent tonkatsu (deep fried pork cutlet). If you are a bit familiar with Kurashiki, Sasaoki is the area near the big Edion electronic store.

The plaque outside the shop has this amazing patina.   I am such a sucker for old restaurants and Yashi didn’t disappoint.

Great plastic food in the entrance to make the selection even more difficult.

When I walked in I noticed the old phone next to the wifi router.

I also noticed the big bag of Okayama rice next to the door.

I ordered the normal size tonkatsu set which is only 880 yen.

The meat was perfect and the sauce simply delicious.  I know the color is a bit weird, but it was lick your plate good.  Which such a simple meal, the sauce either make it or break it.   The whole meal had this home made feel and the ladies in the kitchen looked like they had been preparing this exact same dish for the last 70 years or so.

My wife ordered the fried shrimp.

The shrimps were good, but the tartare sauce tasted a bit weird.  When the restaurant is called Yashi Tonkatsu, well, you know, it’s better to order tonkatsu.

Yashi is worth a visit if you are looking for good value traditional meal made by the Japanese grand mother you never had.

Yashi とんかつ椰子