Yamachan Chicken Wings

Nagoya in a weird way seem to rhyme with chicken wings and  Yamachan is the chicken slaying bard of them all. A local friend took us to one of the numerous store in the city, this particular one was located a minute away from Nagoya station.

Yamachan shops are pretty much all over town and apparently they are all good.  So just pick one.  The interior wasn’t fancy, but I only had eye for the chicken wings and my cold beer.

The wings were spicy with a nice touch of pepper and salt.

At 400 yen for 5 wings, it’s quite a good deal and we ended up ordering 25 of these.   If you do the math, I am thankful to 12 chickens and a half for parting with their precious wings.

We ordered a bunch of other stuff including pig offals in a red miso sauce.

Yamachan has a typical izakaya style menu and I can report that the shrimp chips and deep fried shrimps were both delicious (forgot to take a pic, sorry!)

They have Ginga Kogen beer on tap.

Yamachan should be on your list if you ever stop in Nagoya.  It’s certainly one reason to go back to Aichi Prefecture.




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