Yabaton Misokatsu

Nagoya has the reputation of being a heavy weight player in the B-1 gourmet scene in Japan and I finally had a chance to see what all the fuss was about.  I came back from Nagoya slightly fatter, but it’s worth the extra effort it will take to burn it off.

Yabaton Misokatsu came highly recommended by a friend who lives in Nagoya.  You know it’s trouble when the logo of a shop has a sumo wrestling pig on it, but Yabaton is all about pig, more precisely, deep fried pork cutlet.

We visited the shop located in the Esca underground shopping center which is located right next to Nagoya station.  As much as I wanted to visit the original shop, the brutal summer heat in Nagoya convinced me that an air conditioned shopping center was a great place to wait in line.

The shop ain’t that big, but the turnover was quick.   We arrived a little after 11AM and the line was already quite long since this shop seem to be on the bucket list of every tourist in town.

I ordered the loin cutlet and it’s gigantic!

The deep red miso sauce is the signature of Nagoya style tonkatsu.  It’s a bit sweet with a deep rich miso taste.

My wife ordered the hire tonkatsu or fillet.

I ended up eating two pieces of her pork and I left the shop promising myself I would travel back to Nagoya just to eat this, it’s that porky delicious!

Yabaton is a mandatory stop for any foodie in Nagoya and it’s also popular with the local.

I hope I can visit the original shop on my next visit to Nagoya, but the one located in the Esca is perfect if you are anywhere near the station.



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