Yabaton Honten in Nagoya

I visited to the Yabaton Honten (Main store) during a recent visit to Nagoya to eat some misokatsu. Yabaton came highly recommended by Nagoya native.
Nagoya is famous for its red miso which has a very distinct taste. Red miso is hard to describe, it’s much more potent then the stuff you would find in generic miso soup and some people really can stand the taste.

The main store is located in a modern building a short distance from Yabacho station. The side of the building does’t let you doubt that Yabaton is all about pork.

When I walked in I was quickly offered a chair at the main counter on the first floor. The unusual rainy weather might have contributed toward such a short wait.

From the counter I was able to witness how the misokatsu are prepared.  The breading station was located right in front of me.

The pork is deep fried to order.

I started the meal with offal served with a red miso sauce. Delicious.

I ordered the #1 item on their menu, two big cutlet served with two sauces, pickles, soup, rice and some cabbage.

The pork is so tender. The bottom sauce is the red miso. It’s big, if you don’t feel too hungry, they do have smaller portions on offer.

The set is not cheap, but it is a definite Nagoya classic and a must try.

Yabaton restaurants are located all over the Nagoya area and from my experience, they are all serving the same amazing food. The main shop is near the Sakae shopping area.

Yabaton Yaba-Cho Honten 


3 Chome-6-18 Osu, Naka Ward, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture 460-0011