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Pizza, pizza, I want to eat a pizza!

I got hit by a violent craving for pizza yesterday.  I sat all day at work revisiting my favorite pizza: New York pizza, Montreal 1$ slice after a night out drinking, my favorite spot in Paris on rue des Canettes or the numerous pizza I ate in Italy.

Having so many references doesn’t help me appreciate Japanese pizza since I find most of them blend and topped with corn and other items which I believe don’t belong on a proper pizza.

I sent a cry for help on Facebook and a co-worker in another town sent me the name of a pizza shop located in Joge which is about 25 min drive from where I live.

Joge is a small town with a very picturesque shopping street lined with old buildings. Please remember that most of Japan got bombed, so these old streets are always a special place to visit.

I drove there after work and easily located Vittorio pizza shop on a tiny side street.  Despite the huge sign in front of the shop, I must have driven past or walked near the shop at least 20 times in the last 2 years.  Joge is not a big town, but this pizza shop looked promising from the outside.

Vittorio is located in an old Japanese building with a tatami room splitting the dinning area in two. When I walked in, I soon find out that Vittorio was also a pastry shop and a bakery.  The menu is displayed on a huge poster with matching pictures to make ordering easy.

I sat down with a coworker and his wife in the small dinning area to peruse over the menu.  I ordered a 30 cm or M size pizza with pepperoni, sausage, green pepper and onion.    On the picture, the pizza looked like something I would order back home.

The shop owner went back into the kitchen to prepare our pizza. I sat there thinking about how much it’s difficult to find a good pizza in my part of Japan. It might not be the case in Tokyo, but it’s not an easy task in the Japanese countryside.

The pizza was served on a metal plate and the smell was right on the money.  The owner also gave us a small packet of pizza spices which were hot pepper flakes on one side and oregano on the other side.  A nice touch and something I have never seen anywhere in Japan.

The pizza tasted exactly like something I could order back home. Meaty, cheesy and a bit spicy.  The crust was thin and not soggy at all.  The pizza had a lot of body and held very well together. The veggies were fresh and crunchy. The overall experience was very positive and I ended up with a big satisfied grin.

So I guess it’s possible to find truly amazing pizza in the middle of the Japanese countryside.  I will go back soon with my wife and see what she thinks.

Vittorio pizza is located right in the center of Joge near the station.

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  1. Joge is one of the coolest towns in Japan. In addition to Vittorio, there is an amazing curry restaurant, Pra-Shanti. One of my favorite bars in the world is also there, very near Vittorio. It is called Dude and it could very well be located in Manhattan.

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