Tsuta ramen at Circle K Sunkus

The famous Tsuta ramen from Tokyo recently struck a deal with the Circle K Sunkus convenience store chain and you can now buy their cold ramen all over the nation for a mere 498 yen.

I haven’t visited Tsuta in Tokyo and I doubt I will anytime soon since you need to wait in line at 8AM to be awarded a ticket which gives you the chance to try the first Michelin 1 star ramen shop in the nation.

Why wait when you can buy one of their dish at your local convenience store?

Collaboration between famous ramen shops and convenience store are not that rare, but it’s the first time that a Michelin 1 star decide to sell their stuff all over the nation. Is it a wise decision?

Step 1  Look at it

Step 2  All the ingredients are ready to mix.

Step 3 The cold soup is in a bag.

Step 4 put your ramen together

The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction by Walter Benjamin came to mind while I was eating this bowl of cold ramen.  The question of authenticity sprung to mind:  does this 498 yen bowl of ramen can come even close to eating the real stuff ?

The answer is no, it’s not the real thing, not even close.   This cold Tsuta ramen was a little bit weird and somehow not my taste.   I think I need to taste the real thing, one day when I have enough time to spare.

You can have your own foodie authenticity crisis at any Circle K and Sunkus convenience store.

Tsuta 蔦