Trunk Coffee Bar in Nagoya

Nagoya is a coffee town and it gave us the Komeda coffee chain which is sadly expanding all over Japan. If you are interested in drinking something else, Trunk Coffee might just be the place for you.

Trunk is located a short distance from Nagoya tower right in front of Takaoka station.

The Probat roaster thrones in the back of the shop.

The shop has a nice 1970 feel thanks to the vintage furniture.

Trunk offers both drip and espresso coffee.

They have a nice selection of beans and I decided to order an Ethiopian coffee.

The friendly barista hand dripped my cup with a Kalita Wave.

The result was not bad at all. She brought me a bag of beans so I could smell the beans which is a very nice touch.

I ended up going there the next day with a co-worker and ordered a latte served Italian style in a glass.

Trunk Coffee was a nice little caffeinated punctuation to my day. If you know other good places in Nagoya, please let me know.

Trunk Coffee Bar

Aichi-ken, Nagoya-shi, Higashi-ku, Izumi, 2 Chome−28,

泉2丁目28−24 東和高岳 ビル 1F