Tofu no Higa in Ishigaki, Okinawa

The car navigation was telling me to turn left but I was starting to have strong doubts. I knew that Tofu no Higa was a small restaurant, but I could not imagine it was in the middle of a field just outside the center of  Ishigaki city.

So I ended up going down this dirt track for a little while until I spotted the red roof of Tofu no Higa.

The restaurant is very rustic

The menu is all about hand made Ishigaki tofu.

The place is quite cheap since my whole meal only cost 450 yen for the big size.

We ordered yushi tofu.

The big portion is actually really really big.   The tofu was soft and warm. They offered us a spicy miso or soy sauce to go with it.  The meal also comes with rice and soy milk. Overall, it’s great tofu.

The view from our table

Tofu no Higa opens at 6h30 AM and it’s a great place for breakfast.

Tofu no Higa

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