Ten to Ten, Naha, Okinawa

I found Ten to Ten or in Japanese てん to てん on the very popular Tabelog website where it earned the first place in the lunch/café section for the year 2013.  Tabelog is a very popular site in Japan and when you make it to first place, you can expect a horde of foodies to come down to your place.

The restaurant is hidden behind a thick cover of climbing plants and is located outside the center of Naha in a quiet residential area.  The restaurant parking is a very tight squeeze and when I left, the whole area was a mini traffic jam.

Once you get in, the restaurant is a very simple place.

Wooden floors and good view on the garden. It’s a small restaurant and you can expect to wait for a while.   There is not much on the menu.

I opted for the Ten to Ten set which is pretty much soba, onigiri and a sweet or coffee which is 1050 yen.  It’s actually expensive for a bowl of soba.
That’s it!

This was easily the best bowl of Okinawa soba I had during my trip.  The pork was perfect, the noodles had a great chew and the soup quite outstanding.  Ten to Ten makes only one thing and they make it really well.    It’s a deluxe version of one of the most common dish found in Okinawa.

The sweet was a very simple bowl of beans with mochi.

I ordered ぶくぶく茶 or Buku Buku Cha (tea) which is the Okinawan version of matcha tea.
It’s made with jasmin tea and a bunch of ingredients.

It tasted good and I was told that in Okinawa this is a casual drink made at home and there are no rules on how to drink it.  It was not too bad, but like my wife said, once is enough.

Ten to Ten is a nice place, but in my heart Naha is still associated with simple eateries where an army of old ladies are making mind blowing food.   While I visited Mikasa three times during my short trip, I am afraid that Ten to Ten is a once is enough place.

Ten to Ten




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