Takumi Ramen

I visited Takumi Ramen right after my Japanese teacher recommended it to me:  I  just love it when people share their coup-de-coeur. Apparently, this place is very famous, but I will let you judge by yourself.   For the Okayama folks, Takumi Ramen can also easily be found since it’s right on the second floor of Okayama Station.

I somehow managed to squeeze myself in front of a bowl of ramen amid the business men crowd.  Takumi offers a light tonkotsu ramen and a great side of tonkatsu (deep fried panko crusted pork cutlets).

This type of tonkatsu is considered a speciality of Okayama and it is always a pleasure to try a different version.

The sauce was on the lighter side, a bit like the ramen which had none of the punch in the face flavors I normally enjoy.

They also offered a shoyu and a shio ramen which looked good.

Takumi ramen is all about subtlety and simpleness.

If you are looking for an Okayama classic, Takumi is a good place to enjoy a double shot of pork goodness.

Takumi Ramen

Second floor of Okayama Station near the supermarket and the sushi shop.

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