Valentine Roti in KL

My wife and I discovered roti canai in Melaka in 2014 and I’ve been craving this Indian flatbread ever since. After Googling roti + Kuala Lumpur, Valentine Roti seem to be the #1 roti Kuala Lumpur. We took a cab to this modest roti restaurant to figure out if they were as good as everybody was saying or they were genius at boosting their SEO.

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Pulp Cafe in Kuala Lumpur

When I got off at MidValley station, I wasn’t too sure how to get to Pulp Coffee, but I held my printed Google map and told my patient wife that it was over there, beyond the sea of buildings. After crossing a highway, a railroad track and a river, we ended up pretty much a hundred meters from the coffee shop. We did get lost at one point and walked into a mega mosque

This unique and very beautiful coffee shop is almost hidden in front of a industrial printing company.

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