Taco Bell in Tokyo

I finally made it to Taco Bell in Tokyo! I’ve been having a serious  case of MOFO since Taco Bell came back to Japan in 2015 .

I visited the Shibuya Dogenzaka Taco Bell which is located a few min from the famous Shibuya crossing.

Taco Bell now has 7 addresses in Tokyo and 1 in Osaka. The restaurants are clean and have nothing to do with the one I have been in the US. I will preface that I am not that nostalgic about Taco Bell since I am from Montreal, Canada. 

Taco Bell in Japan is pricier than the US. They also have a limited menu.

I ordered the hard shell beef tacos which is 900 yen for 2 tacos, a drink and spicy nachos.

Guacamole is extra

I also ordered a beef burrito.

The whole meal came up to 1,350 yen which is definitely not cheap and could probably feed a whole family in the US. Eating at Taco Bell does definitely put a dent in my constant craving for Mexican food, but I will try to explore other offerings the next time I am in Tokyo.

If you know any interesting Mexican places in Tokyo, please let me know.

Taco Bell
2-25-14  Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0043