Suiren + Coffee Roaster

When I saw the picture of Suiren+ Coffee Roaster on the cover of Wink magazine, I knew I wanted to visit this cute little Fukuyama coffee shop, but I didn’t expect to be so out there and by out there I mean in the middle of nowhere.

The  Holm 230 complex is an oddball which emcompasses a cool furniture store, a yoya studio, a restaurant and the cool little Suiren coffee roaster.   The only weird thing is the location of this cool little hispter bubble on the deep outskirt of Fukuyama. I’m sure this place is not so strange for the folks living next door, but don’t expect to walk there from Fukuyama station.

The coffee shop is small and cosy. They have a bunch of single origin coffees on the menu and some of them are offered in two different roast.

The coffee staff was friendly.

They have a tiny little Giesen coffee roaster.

It’s so lovely.

The coffee was pretty good and at 390 yen it’s an affordable pleasure.  The little stickers on the cup were a nice attention.

If you have a car or you don’t mind cycling, go visit Suiren.  The furniture next door is just lovely!

Suiren + Coffee Roaster

open from 11:00 to 20:00