Shogun Nagahama Ramen

Nagahama is an area of Fukuoka famous for its yatai and ramen shops. It’s a little more than a 20 min walk from Tenjin and it’s a necessary stop for anybody who wants to understand the Fukuoka ramen style.

On my latest visit to Nagahama, I visited Shogun ramen which is considered by many as one of the founding father of the Nagahama style.

The Nagahama style is simple tonkotsu (pork bones) based soup served with some sesame seeds, black mushroom and green onions.  The soup itself is in general very milky and it has a much softer taste than the usual tonkotsu.

Shogun ramen which used to be a yatai was surprisingly busy on January 4th which is the end of the holiday in Japan.

The Nagahama branch has that super busy ramen shop kind of look with a spartan decoration and silent customers slurping their soup. Who care about the look of a place when we all know that the most important thing is the soup.

Shogun ramen were apparently the first to introduced takana or spicy pickled mustard greens as a topping and theirs was simply amazing.

A jar of pickled ginger is also offered on each table.

The soup at Shogun was great in every possible way, but I was not overly impressed by their noodles which were a bit fatter than what I expected. I wasn’t too hungry, so I didn’t end up ordering a second portion.

Shogun ramen is still a landmark in the Fukuoka ramen scene and I will certainly go back when I am actually hungry and try their gyoza.

Shogun Ramen


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