Shin Shin ramen in Fukuoka

When I last visited Fukuoka, the city was taken over by 35 000 members from Lions Club International. The Lions Club could not have picked a better place to hold their meeting. I was in the city for a very short business trip and I decided to try a new ramen shop.

Tonkotsu ramen is made with pork bones, the soup is milky and the noodles are  very thin. This type of ramen is popular all over the nation, but you can’t visit Fukuoka without trying it.  Let’s be clear, the thing is pretty addictive.

Shin Shin is a busy shop in Tenjin. The area is a popular shopping destination and the shop is located on a small side street right in front of a temple.

The wall of fame

I arrived a few minutes before the lunch rush and I still had to wait. The shop is not really big, but the turnover is quick.

I ordered the simple ramen. The flavor profile is pretty mild, classic tonkotsu.

The service was quick and they provided me with an English menu.

Good experience and one more ramen shop to add to my ever growing list of ramen shop in Fukuoka.

If you are new to Fukuoka, please remember that the city also goes under the name of Hakata. I helped some very confused people from India in the Shinkansen who were looking for Fukuoka station.

On my way out the line was much longer.

Shin Shin is a bit off the main touristy area and it’s a good option if you want to try something other than Ichiran or Ippudo.

Shin Shin

3 Chome-2-19 Tenjin, Chuo Ward, Fukuoka, Fukuoka