Shake Shack in Ebisu, Tokyo

I remember waiting for more than hour to eat at Shake Shack after they first opened in Tokyo. Shake Shack are becoming more numerous in Tokyo and the Ebisu shop wasn’t as busy.

In a seemingly center less metropolis like Tokyo, I’ve spent a little bit a time around Ebisu station. Shake Shack is located right next to Ebisu station.

The Ebisu shop is on the smaller side, but it’s a good place for a quick burger fix.
I ordered the new cheese fries with bacon .

Shake Shack are the poor man version of poutine. It’s definitely something that would make the common man beg for more unless he had eaten the real thing. I am still on the quest for a decent poutine in Japan, to be continued…

The burger was a special edition burger, I forgot what is was called.

If you are looking for a burger in Tokyo and you are not in the mood to find that cool little burger spot in the middle of nowhere.

Shake Shack Ebisu

〒150-0022 Tokyo, Shibuya, Ebisuminami, 1 Chome−6−1 アトレ恵比寿西館1F