Shade Tree Coffee

Shade Tree Coffee is a hidden gem located between the Misato and Kawanobori bridges on the amazing Shimanto River in Kochi Prefecture.

We arrived at the coffee shop about 20 min before 1 PM and people were already lining up in front of the gate. The area feels remote, but it’s only a 30 min drive from the mouth of the Shimanto river.

The coffee shop is only open on Sunday and Monday and offers a small menu of desserts and drinks.

There are only 12 chairs, so if you don’t arrive early, you can expect a long wait. The service while excellent is quite slow. We were customers 11 and 12 and it took almost an hour for our coffee to arrive.

The wood oven which seems to belong to a pizza shop is actually a coffee roaster. It’s the first time that I see such a roaster.

The coffee is roasted with a hand crank.

On our visit they had Ethiopia Yirgacheffe and Costa Rica Helsar Rola.

The coffee was expertly hand dripped while we enjoyed the amazing view.

Here is a clearer view.

The coffee was delicious and their roasting method while rustic produces a good cup.

We ordered 3 desserts. My son ate the strawberry roll cake.

I ordered the Shimanto lemon pie.

My wife ordered the really good chocolate cake.

While I waited, I perused their books and magazines.

If you are visiting the Shimanto river area on a Sunday or a Monday, I strongly recommend you visit Shade Tree Coffee. You can feel that it’s a business of love, a really nice hobby from people who are dedicated to bringing you great coffee and sweet in an idyllic setting.

Shade Tree Coffee

〒787-1221 Kochi, Shimanto, 三里2764-7


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