Seaside Uwakai Pension in Ehime

It’s our second visit to Seaside Uwakai うわかい in Ehime and I could not be more delighted to go back. This little family pension is located on the seaside between Uwajima and Yawatahama in Ehime Prefecture.   To access the pension, you will need to drive on the extremely narrow and windy route 378. If you are a nervous driver or you are doubting your driving skills, you might want to skip this one.

If you do end up at Uwakai, you are in for an amazing meal. When we visited, the main house was full, so we slept at their second building which is located a few hundred meters away.

The older building seem to be where the grand parents are living.  This is our simple room.

They gave us the corner room and the view was amazing. This was just outside our window.

The restroom and the bathroom are located outside the room, but everything was clean and nice.   The room is a standard tatami room.

We traveled there for the food and a chance to buy oranges in Yawatahama.

The meal starts with the most ridiculous plate of sashimi.

Here is a closer shot.

On the right hand side, you can see an ise-ebi (spiny lobster) which was to die for.

Fish carpaccio

Potato, tofu, bamboo shoot and konyaku

Fish gratin

Roasted fish on piece of toast.

Pasta with a cream sauce

Cold fish dish

The final rice and soup dish.

They brought us an extra dish of fish offal which my wife said it was very rare and difficult to find.

The restaurant is quite small and the staff very friendly. The type of cuisine is most definitely Japanese-fusion.   If you like fish, this restaurant is like a dream come true. The pension also caters to fisherman and they have fishing boats which can be rented.

The breakfast was prepared by the grandmother.


Pension Uwakai

reservation is needed  0894-34-0770