Schwartz’s Smoked Meat Montreal


Schwartz’s is truly an institution in Montreal.  It was way high on my list of places to visit and I came out with a renewed appreciation for this restaurant.

The institution was recently bought by Celine Dion herself and she reportedly visited the shop for lunch during my stay and payed the meal for the whole restaurant.  I wasn’t so fortunate, but I would pay gold for the opportunity to eat Schwartz’s smoke meat.   

We went early and beat the long line of tourist and local. We got a table near the cash register and the smoke meat carving station.    

Despite having a new owner, the staff and the food remains the same.   Continuity in the case of Schwartz’s is an important value. When something is this good, who wants to change anything.

I’ve been a regular at Schwartz’s for many years and I ordered two sandwiches, one lean and one medium.  At Schwartz’s, you have a choice between a lean, medium or fatty sandwich.

I also ordered nash which is a dry sausage.  

French fries.



The server brought us our meal with great humor.  They needed to deal with a restaurant full of foreign tourist who barely had any ideas about what to order.  

Eating at Schwartz’s is a great way to maintain a food memory of the city. I ate there 20 years ago, I ate there 4 years ago and it’s still the same great taste. I hope that the taste at Schwartz’s will remain the same until I grow into old age.  

On my last day in Montreal I went to Reuben’s on Ste-Catherine and my wife who had never eaten smoke meat before this trip really enjoyed Reuben’s meat at first but told me that after thinking long and hard, she liked Schwartz’s better.  She told me that she felt like Reuben’s meat was too salty.

I saw that Schwartz’s has a new space next to the original shop where you can buy sandwiches to go.  I would rather wait to sit in the original restaurant.

If you visit, the steak menu is really good, but if you got space for only one thing, the sandwich is something that can’t be missed.   

It is very rare that I recommend such a tourist restaurant, but in the case of Schwartz’s, it’s such a legendary food that it can’t be overlooked.   


3895 Saint-Laurent Boulevard