Rec Coffee

It was snowy in Fukuoka and my ever lasting quest for coffee had suddenly came to a dead end when I came upon the closed doors of Honey Coffee roaster. One of the worker at Honey coffee was nice enough to recommend that we walk toward Yakuin station and try a place called Rec Coffee which are using their coffee beans.

The snow got stronger right at the time we arrived at Rec Coffee. The coffee shop is a long open space on the first floor of an anonymous office building. They definitely went for a bare industrial look complemented with cool vintage furniture.

Like I said, Rec coffee uses Honey Coffee beans. My wife ordered a cafe latte and I ordered an Ethiopian Yiragacheffe.

The nice barista made my coffee with a french press which is not my favorite brewing method, I was expecting them to hand drip the coffee, but the result wasn’t bad. Fruity coffee with a nice acidity.

The owner of Rec Coffee won the third place at the 2011 barista championship and I can see that he taught his barista very well.

My wife cafe latte was delicious an very well decorated and the taste was spot on.

For the coffee geek out there, they are using a beautiful Synesso machine, it doesn’t get fancier than that!

We also ate a piece of chocolate cake and they offered us two pastries.

We got a great service at Rec Coffee and we ended up going  back the next day. If you are looking for a great coffee made with style, Rec Coffee is the place for you. Now, I just wish Fukuoka wasn’t so far!



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