Ramen Pub Tanc

Ramen Pub Tanc had been on my ramen radar for a while, but when I had a flat tire on my bicycle almost right in front of it, I decided that I would give it a try before getting my hands dirty.

From the outside, the sign of Pub Tanc didn’t inpsired me too much since I don’t associate America with delicious ramen.

Once I walked inside, I clearly understood that the owner was pretty much an Elvis fan with a strong leaning toward Americana interior design.

Ramen Pub Tanc specialises in tonkotsu ramen so I didn’t stray to far an ordered a simple ramen set with their most basic soup.

For 950 yen, I got ramen, gyoza, white rice and kimchi.

The soup was decent and a noodles a bit thicker than I expected, but the over all taste was good. The soup does not have the creaminess of some other tonkotsu I had before, but it was a simple and honest soup with simple toppings.

Ramen Pub Tanc is a great deal if you get hungry in the vicinity of Okayama Station.  One more ramen shop off my list in my quest for the best ramen shop in Okayama.

Ramen Pub Tanc


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