Ramen Dake

I went Ramen Dake expecting a great tonkotsu ramen (pork based soup) after somebody suggested that it was better than Ippudo. Ramen Dake is just a short walk from Okayama station, if you got the station behind you, it’s on the Bic Camera side.

Ramen Dake offers a variety of ramen including tsukemen, but since I was there to eat tonkotsu ramen, I ended up ordering their torikotsu which is made with kitchen.

The idea of a torikotsu is good, but it’s nothing like a good tonkotsu.  I was willing to give Dake a chance, but the comparison to anything related to a tonkotsu place is very pale (remember that I went there expecting a strong competitor to Ippudo).

Their menu which is pasted on pretty much every surface of the shop has some interesting looking ramen, but I am afraid I will not go back to ramen Dake.   The service was pretty average which is quite a feat in Japan…

If a ramen shop is offering 5 or 6 kinds of noodles, they are spreading themselves thin, serve one or two kind of soup and do it really well!

So I don’t recommend ramen Dake.   It has a menu going into too many directions.   The torikatsu was average at best and I am still looking for a really good tonkostsu place in Okayama.



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