Quiet Village Curry Shop

In my quest for the best curry in Okayama, I recently ended up visiting Quiet Village Curry Shop after it was recommended to me by a coworker.  The funny this is that I have been walking in front of the shop for almost 10 years and I am kicking myself for not trying it earlier.

The shop is located in the street which runs parallel with the Omotecho shopping arcade not too far from the Okayama Symphony Building. As far as I remember, the shop is always quite busy and I arrived early. People started lining up 15 min before the 11h30 opening.

The shop ain’t that big, but I guess it’s the perfect size for the small kitchen where each curry is cooked to order.

When they saw me struggling with the Japanese menu, they offered me a menu in English.

I had a good feeling as soon as I walked in.

I enjoyed the cool music and small details like Sori Yanagi spoon. When the lady saw me blow my nose, she offered me a box of tissues.  The attention to details makes the difference.

I was blown away by the curry.

I opted for the dal curry, chicken curry and chickpea. The egg was extra.  I ordered it pretty spicy. The flavors were like nothing I ever tasted in Okayama.

There is magic happening in this tiny kitchen.   I finished the meal with a cup of chai.

By the time I left, the restaurant was full.

Quiet Village is now on my list of places where I want to be a regular.

Quiet Village Curry Shop クワイエットビレッジ・カレーショップ

1 Chome-6-43 Omotecho, Kita, Okayama