Quan Thuy 94 Cu

In my mind Quan Thuy 94 Cu is just crab 94, a number that will forever resonate with one of the best meal I had in Vietnam. It was so good, I actually went twice just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming the first time.

It’s time to think really hard: do you like crabs?  Well, I can promise you somekind of weird crab related foodie epiphany if you ever manage to get to crab 94 in Ho Chi Minh.  Crab 94 specializes in soft shell crabs and if you have never eaten one of these creature, there is no better place to start.

On our first visit, we were blessed with a table right next to the open kitchen which in my opinion is the best seat in the house.

The kitchen at crab 94 spills out on the sidewalk, you have to walk past it to get to your seat. This open kitchen is both a statement and a teaser: we got nothing to hide and can you resist the food coming out of the wok?

The place was busy, noisy and the parade of food coming out of the kitchen was hypnotising. Thanks to a menu in English, I manage to point my first order.

We started with the crab meat spring rolls which were pretty good, but not the dish I will remember crab 94 the most for.

The deep fried crab at crab 94 is the star of the show.  When you walk in, you can see a tray of live crab right across from the fryer.


When you order a crab, the cook picks up a crab, cuts in two, dips it in the batter and it’s straight to the fryer.  It possibly can’t be fresher.

The soft shell crab is insanely delicious, plump and crispy. The chili sauce is just spicy enough and after the first bite, you are just craving for more.

We ordered the crab fried rice after that.

Which is a very simple fried rice with huge chunks of crab meat. The balance between the crab and the rice is perfect.

On our first visit, my wife could not take her eyes off the glass noodles with crab coming out of the kitchen, so we ordered it knowing that we might have a chance to eat it again.

The noodle dish is has also a lot of crab meat and a bit of crab eggs.  It’s simple, but with such great tasting food, you don’t need more.

On my first night, I ordered fried crab in tamarind sauce.

It does not have the crunch of the deep fried battered version, but the sauce was worth it.

On our second visit, we ordered a very simple crab and egg soup which I like a lot.

The texture was really nice and it had nice pieces of crab it in.

If you need a reason to visit Vietnam, well Crab 94 in Ho Chi Minh might just be it.     I went to a really fancy and expensive seafood restaurant during my visit and I have to admit I had much more fun eating at Crab 94.  Go, sip a beer with a big ice cube in it and enjoy a really good meal that I hope will be as memorable as mine.

Quan Thuy 94 Cu

94 Dinh Tien Hoang St., Dist.1,, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

There are two 94 crab restaurant almost side by side.  The one I went to is the furthest from the street corner. Just look at the pic of the sign.


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  1. I visited both Quan 94. The first one I had the deep fried soft shell. I found the batter a bit too thick, but was delish. At the second 94 I had the fried crab rolls, peppery and very tasty. The restaurants are only about a $AU 6 cab ride from the backpacker district 1 . Well worth a visit. Just save a photo of the shop front. And show the cabbie.

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