Pusan Jagalchi fish market

Bring it on Pusan! I almost never shy away from a foodie challenge and I was ready to face the almighty sashimi on my second visit to Korea this last May.

Pusan is right across the sea from Fukuoka and I could not resist the attraction of fresh sea food and kimchi.

The Jagalchi market is world renown for the freshness of its sea food, so fresh that the sashimi is still crawling when you take a bite out of it. Japan offers such delicacies, but the sashimi at the Jagalchi market, especially the baby octopus is known to cause quite a shock to the foreigners palate.

I found the Jagalchi market to be really clean and well lighted.  The variety of fishes and sea shells in kind of mind-boggling. My wife was able to identified most of what we saw, but I honestly felt like I needed a fish encyclopedia.

The outside market was also very interesting and the whole place smelled pretty good despite the hot weather.  

The market first floor is dedicated to all kind of sea products while the second floor is pretty much one big restaurant.  Ever wandered in a market somewhere thinking how amazing it would be if someone could cook what you find right on the spot?  Well Jagalchi market is exactly this, you see a fish and they will prepare it for you and send it to the second floor so you can eat right away, it’s that fresh!  

Lots of shell fishes.

I watched the old guy go at it and I can only dream of cutting fish this fast with such grace.

This was my plate of fresh baby octopus. The sashimi were still moving and the suckers would actually stick on the inside of my mouth. I ate the whole thing with my wife and two friends and it’s was actually very good.  The octopus came with soy sauce and some kind of hot miso sauce.

Would I have it again?  Hell yes!

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