Pho Thanh Long

I ended up going to eat pho at Thanh Long twice during my visit to Montreal.  The shop which is located next to the iconic Foufounes Électriques bar has been my go to place for as long as I remember.  

This shop which has been in business for over 40 years serves on of the best pho in town in my opinion.  What the shop lacks in flashy decoration, makes out in the great taste.

Than Long is probably the reason why I ended up visiting Vietnam 3 times. After sampling the original stuff in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, I know that I have been right to be a regular at Thanh Long all these years.  

The restaurant is always busy and I was surprised to see a whole group of Vietnamese were there for lunch, I guess it’s a good sign.  


I ordered the extra large pho with everything: brisquet, raw beef, tripes and meat balls.   

The soup is simple and tasty.   The extra large is gigantic.   I appreciated the fresh basil, soy beans and lime.

The spring rolls were not too bad too.   

I ended the meal with a Vietnamese coffee served the original way.  The coffee was a nice reminder of my trip to Vietnam.

My wife ordered a Vietnamese dessert made with coconut milk and a bunch of different sweet beans.

I remember the bun thit noodle dishes to be really delicious.    You can see on this picture that they have been in business since 1972. 

Pho Than Long is a great way to enjoy a simple pho and they sell their soup to go.  I bought their soup to go for many years.

Pho Thanh Long

103 Ste-Catherine East, Montre