Pairon Honten in Morioka

Pairon Honten 白龍 本店 located is a famous jya jya men restaurant in Morioka, Iwate Prefecture.

The restaurant is located between the Iwate Prefectural Office and Sakurayama Shrine on a weird urban peninsula. We arrived just after noon and the line was pretty long.

Pairon is a small restaurant, yet the line moved relatively fast.  If you are wondering, jya jya men is a noodle dish originally from China. The dish is simple; flat noodles, minced meat, a big dollop of miso, green onion and cucumber.

You can also see some grated ginger on the side.

Once you get your plate, you can season it with soy sauce, vinegar and hot oil.

I was told to mix the whole thing.

My small son actually enjoyed the noodles and miso taste. The miso taste might be a bit strong for some. We ordered the gyoza which is one of the rare items on the menu.

Once you are done eating, please notice the eggs on the table.

The idea is to break the egg and mix it with what is left in your bowl.

The waitress will pick up your plate, bring it to the kitchen and come back with a bowl of egg soup.

The staff platting

Pairon was a nice experience with really patient and friendly staff.

The simple menu at Pairon, the jya jya men comes in 3 sizes.

Pairon 白龍 本店

5-15 Uchimaru, Morioka, Iwate Prefecture 020-0023