Origin Coffee in Ottawa

I’m not familiar with Ottawa, I’ve been there only a few times, but I trusted a friend who was born and raised in the city when she suggested Origin Coffee which is located in the popular Byward Market area.

We went to Origin after lunch, but from I read, the coffee shop turns into some kind of lounge/bar in the evening.

Brick walls.

The decoration is nice, you can still feel the charm of the old house.

The service was good and I was told the beans were roasted somewhere not too far.  I ordered a drip coffee which came from a pot.  The coffee was decent.  My wife ordered a latte which was also pretty good.  Sorry for the lack of pictures, we were having a relax time with friends and I was holding a baby.

Nice Mirage espresso machine from Kees Van der Westen.

The decoration is charming.  Some many little details.    The place is cozy and I would recommended if you need to get away from the touristy area.

The view ain’t bad too.


Origin was a nice surprise and we really enjoyed our time there.

Origin Coffee House & Lounge

111 York Street, Ottawa