Nishiki Yakiniku

Nishiki is an old style yakiniku shop located near Niwase station on the old route 2  (now route 162).  I wanted to visit this place for a long time since it’s in the same family as Taiko, my favorite shop in Soja.

Nishiki is a popular shop, but I had a chance to go there for an early quiet week day lunch.

We first ordered this seasoned beef which is served in a jar. Nice garlic.

We followed this with some two types of beef.

Spicy beef tongue which was quite delicious.  We tried to order stuff which is not available at Taiko.

Spicy chicken which was actually spicy.

Nishiki is an affordable yakiniku shop.

The only thing that I missed from Taiko was their tare  (sauce) which is easily my favorite so far.  The meat quality is very similar.   I will come back for the spicy chicken and the spicy tongue. If you are in the Niwase area, it’s worth the detour.

247-4 Niwase, Kita Ward, Okayama, Okayama