Negi Ramen in Higashi-Okayama

Negi ramen or ネギラーメン is a busy ramen shop located near Higashi-Okayama station. I visited the shop twice in the last 2 weeks and it’s a busy place. Like the name implies, they serve ramen with a lot of negi ( Japanese leek) and green onion.

If you fancy tons of green onions or scallion, you need to pay a visit to Negi ramen.

The shop is small and I recommend you wait outside until the lady lets you in. If you try to get in, you will get a stark warning to be patient and wait outside.

Once inside, you will have to be a bit patient since Negi ramen is a two persons operation.  The lady runs around and the man prepares the ramen itself. I ordered a SET B with extra scallion which at 950 yen felt like an amazing deal.

The set came with rice topped with pork.  The pork was not fatty at all which is somehow uncharacteristic of typical shashu.

Ramen with a ton of scallion on top.

The soup is good by itself and if you are into scallion, I recommend ordering the extra portion.

It’s a pleasure to sit at the counter and watch him prepare the ramen. I noticed that the ordering slips are clipped to a curtain railing.

Beyond this ingenious system, Negi ramen seems to be all about good ramen prepared one bowl at a time. It’s one of these places where the wait makes sense once you get the ramen in front of you.

Negi Ramen

11AM to 4 PM