Myriade at Club Monaco

I stumbled on Myriade on my first day in Montreal and a gem of coffee shop like this could easily be over seen considering the fact that it’s hidden in the basement of a clothing store on Ste-Catherine street.

The Club Monaco in question is on the corner of Metcalf and Ste-Catherine in the Montreal Gazette building.   Walk to the back of the shop where you will see stairs leading to the basement.

The shop is small and feels like a small universe in itself. The vintage floors and decoration is just amazing to look at.

Beautiful machine.

The cafe isn’t really big, but it’s a nice space which also offers books.

The pastries were from Hof Kelsten

Another view of the cafe space.

We ordered a latte and an Ethiopian drip coffee.  The beans are from 49th Parallel. Both were good.

I have been to the original Myriade on Mackay.  It’s the same great taste and service right in the downtown area.  I must insist that the service was very friendly and they gave me some really good pointers about Montreal’s coffee culture.

I heard that Myriade bought Le Couteau on St-Denis. But I didn’t have time to visit.

Myriade at Club Monaco.

1000 Ste-Catherine Ouest inside Club Monaco in the basement.