Momosennin Chinese Restaurant

Momosennin 中華あんかけ専門店 桃仙人 was recently featured on a local foodie TV show.  It’s located a short distance from Niwase station.

The restaurant occupies the a corner of a grocery store and when we visited, the shop was so busy that they offered a limited menu. Apparently the local TV show can generate quite a buzz.

I have a fascination for old Chinese restaurants and Momosennin is obviously not one of these.   There is nothing wrong with new and clean, but I still have an inclination toward historic and well lived in.

My wife ordered the dry noodles.

I got the pork.

The noodles were good, but I found the veggies on the pork to be slightly on the under cooked side.

I also found the restaurant to be a tad bit pricey for what it was.  Not a bad place, just not super exciting.

If you have any suggestions for great Chinese food in Okayama, don’t hesitate.

Momosennin 中華あんかけ専門店 桃仙人