Mocha Coffee in Daikanyama

Mocha Coffee is a small coffee shop located in the Daikanyama area of Tokyo. If you are not familiar with the geographic Mocha, it’s a port located on the coast of Yemen between the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. Like the name might suggest, Mocha specializes in coffee from Yemen.

Mocha Coffee from the street

Yemen and Ethiopia are both mentioned as the countries where coffee originated. Yemeni coffee has been on the news lately because of the David Egger novel The Monk of Mokha which tells the story of Mokhtar Alkhanshali who created the import company Port of Mokha.

Yemeni coffee in my little world of local coffee roaster has been described as a rare commodity due to the current conflict with Saudi Arabia.

The coffee shop is small and located down a small alley. It’s a bright space with a small counter. Look for the sign when you are walking on the main street.

The menu

English menu

As expected, Mocha offers a wide variety of Yemeni coffees with prices ranging from 950 yen to 1000 yen which is not cheap, but decent considering how rare some the beans from Yemen are getting.

I ordered the Al Dhi’m which is described as “fruity, spice, rich”. The very fragrant coffee was hand dripped.

I ordered a cake which had some cardamon flavor. The coffee was indeed fruity, a little bit lighter than what I expected but had the characteristic complex flavors for which I always associate coffee from Yemen with.

Mocha Coffee is a great little shop and I hope I can go back and try some of their other variety. This shop is worth a visit just for the fact that Yemen coffee are both unique and worth discovering.

Mocha Coffee

〒150-0033 Tōkyō-to, Shibuya-ku, Sarugakuchō, 25−1 エディ代官山 1F