Miyamoto Motsunabe

Motsunabe is a Fukuoka speciality, if you have never heard of it, it’s a simple hot pot dish of offals cooked in a soy sauce based soup with plenty of garlic and garlic chive.   Motsunabe restaurants are legion in Fukuoka, but this time, we went to a smaller and less touristy place.

Miyamoto is located on a small street a couple of minutes  from Canal City. It’s pretty much the furthest thing from a tourist spot we could find and I could hardly contain my happiness when I walked into it.

The restaurant is very small, so arrive early if you don’t want to wait too much. Don’t let the cement floor and bare look fool you, the food is the star of Miyamoto.

Ordering at Miyamoto is simple: there is no menu and they only offer motsunabe.  Your biggest decision will be to figure out how many portions to order.  We ordered  3 portions for 2 people and it wasn’t too much.  If you are two big eaters, I recommend ordering 4 portions.

The old lady and what I presume to be her daughter were both very nice and they started cooking right away.

When it comes to drink, they only have sake and beer. The walls are lined up with jars of sake with the name of their owner written in felt pen.  Miyamoto has an army of regulars.

The motsunabe was served burning hot with garlic chives. While some restaurant pile the vegetables very high, the very simple version offered at Miyamoto exploded with flavours.

The soup was simply extraordinary and the horumon  soft and tasty. We ordered a side of tofu and cabbage which we added to the very garlicky soup.

We finished the meal with thick champon noodles and the cook added a bit more soup to our pot which I gladly ate almost to the last drop.

Eating at Miyamoto was a great experience and their decision to limit their menu at one item is  brilliant.   When you can cook something so well, there is no reasons to have a phone book of a menu.
If you want to experience an authentic Fukuoka motsunabe and avoid the tourist traps, Miyamoto is the place to go.



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