Maruya in Shibayama, Hyogo Prefecture

Maruya is a cosy restaurant and pension in the bay of Shibayama where I enjoyed an amazing crab meal last winter.  Since then, I promised myself to try their summer food and spend the night.

The pension has only 8 rooms and 8 private dinning rooms.   Right across the road, you can see Shibayama bay.

The bay apparently provides shelter during winter storms to many fishing boats.

We opted for the squid dinner which turned out is a tricky meal to source. I didn’t understand why they were fussy about the squid until it showed up on the table.

I appreciated the chairs for such a long meal.

Interesting squid ball hot pot.

The first act of this meal started when she brought over the live squid for our first course.

The squid nabe was good.

The first dish came out of the kitchen resting next to the second part of our meal.  Mind you that we did say sorry for eating them… Sashimi doesn’t get better than this.



A different cut of sashimi with wiggling tentacules. The sashimi had a great texture, a bit more crunchy than the previous cut.

Sun dried nodogoro, a fish with a black throat.

My favorite dish of the evening was the deep fried squid with a sweet sauce.

The meal ended with a small serving of soba.

The dessert was simple, ice cream and coffee jelly.

After dinner we went for a walk.  The pension has a groovy walkway.

The rooms are Japanese style and the hotel has it’s own onsen.

The breakfast was a beautiful thing. The kind of breakfast you fondly remember when you are eating instant ramen because that’s all you have left in your kitchen.

Maruya is a great place to eat some really fresh sea food. During the crab season it serves the famous Shibayama crab which can be insanely expensive.  I really like the family business type and the attention to details.  My family and I are already repeat customers and I am sure will be back sooner or later.

Consult the website, figure out which season is best for you and enjoy some great food.