Maa in Maizuru

On a recent drive which took me from Fukui Prefecture to Tottori Prefecture for our annual crab pilgrimage, we stopped at the Tore Tore fish market in Maizuru, Kyoto Prefecture. The fish market is a touristy affair and we decided to head out to find some other food. On the way out of the parking, we spotted a hand-painted sign which promised halal food from Bangladesh. The cul-de-sac where we saw the sign led to a flight of stairs. We then proceeded to navigate a very narrow street which runs parallel to route 175 where we caught a glimpse of the restaurant but could not figure out how to get to the small street where it was located. After cutting through a parking lot, we ended up at Maa.

Maa is located on a narrow residential street a few meters from the Tore Tore market. The restaurant is pretty much an annex to a house. After locating the owner, we parked and proceeded inside.

The main room with the kitchen in the back.

The restaurant has a few tables with a small kitchen in the back. The menu is quite short.

We opted for the C menu at 1000 yen because we were informed that the tandoori chicken was not ready. We ordered it with rotti and parotta. We also ordered a mango lassi and extra rice for our son.

Mango lassi

The mango lassi came out of the kitchen first. We then waited while the owner start cooking our meal from scratch. We could hear him chop the ingredients and we could smell the spices from our table. It took a while, but when he came out of the kitchen with our plate, we anticipated an amazing meal.

Meal with rotti

The meal was composed of a dhal, mutton curry, salad and two pieces of chicken.


My wife ordered the parotta which reminded us of the roti canai we had in Malaysia. This is the first time I eat anything like this in Japan.

The meal looked simple, but the flavors were complex and rich. I rarely eat Indian food this good. Indian food in Japan is the same variety of blend tasting curries adapted for the Japanese taste. I always look out for these outliers and Maa is a definite unique restaurant.

chicken biryani

The owner gracefully brought us a small plate of biryani for our son. He also gave him an extra salad. The biryani was delicious.

tandoori chicken

The owner proudly showed us the tandoori chicken cooked in big oil drum.


We finished our meal with a delicious chai. If you are looking for a great meal or you need to eat halal, by all mean, visit Maa. The freshness of the food, the unique menu, the friendly service is worth a visit. It’s not the easiest place to access, but I feel that my stubborn pursuit of great food was well rewarded.

I sadly live very far from Maa, but were so enchanted by the meal that we will probably plan a trip to Maizuru just to eat there.


937-4 Shimofukui, Maizuru-shi, Kyōto-fu 624-0946