La Mère Poulard at Okayama AEON

When the Okayama AEON opened in early December 2014, I was a bit surprised to find La Mère Poulard restaurant on the seventh floor of this gigantic urban mall. La Mère Poulard is originally from Mont St-Michel in France and they also have a restaurant in Tokyo.  I kept wondering about the choice of Okayama for second restaurant in Japan, but hell, it’s all the better for us.

The restaurant is pretty much hidden behind the kitchen and the front desk. While most restaurant in the mall are opting for an open dinning room, I appreciated the “restaurant feel” of La Mère Poulard.   After you waited in line, you get to sit in a reproduction of a real French restaurant.

It’s not a big restaurant, but they will actually pull the table out so you can sit on the banquette like they would do in a brasserie in France. The service at La Mère Poulard is typically French where it’s ladies first.

The lunch menu is around 1800 yen and you get an appetizer and an entree for that price.
I opted for the pumpkin soup. The menus are offered with a choice of all you can eat bread or fried potatoes.

My wife opted for the smoked salmon.

The star of the show is off course the omelet. La Mère Poulard became famous for this voluminous and airy omelet.

The foamy omelet is a must try. It’s perfectly executed, rich, and buttery, it’s almost too much.

Unless you have a natural proclivity toward über foamy omelet, La Mère Poulard might just be like Mont St-Michel, a place you visit maybe once or twice.

Try it, let me know what you think.

La Mère Poulard at Okayama AEON Mall  7th floor.

La Mère Poulard