Kraze Burger Incheon Airport

I just love getting good food tips and I have to thank a great guy I met in a bar in Taiwan for recommending Kraze Burger. This guy worked in Korea for a while and his biggest coup de coeur was this burger place.

It’s my third visit to Korea and I always try to eat at least once at Kraze Burger. During the holidays, I had a 7 hr transfer at Incheon airport and I was jumping up and down when I saw a Kraze Burger in the transfer area. This Kraze Burger shop is neither on the airport website or the airport map, I guess I was really lucky.

This time around I ordered the K. Bulgogi burger and chili cheese fries.

The hamburger was super juicy and made to order. Kraze Burger is a little bit like Mos Burger in Japan with bigger sizes and they serve their burger on a plate instead of a little basket.

The chili cheese fries are nothing short of awsome.

The chili is actually spicy and the fries super crispy. Only order these if you don’t mind having a raw onion breath!

If you visit Korea, I strongly recommend you try Kraze Burger for yourself. You can easily find a shop pretty much anywhere.

Kraze Burger

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