Kondou Tofu Naramachi

Tofu gets a bad reputation with reasons since the stuff we can find in supermarket is often bad and tasteless.   But if you happen to be visiting Nara, you are in luck my friend, Kondou Tofu restaurant in the  Naramachi neighborhood is the place that will change your mind forever.

Naramachi is a collection of nice little restaurants and shops in a less flashy touristy area of the city.  The restaurant is located in a beautiful old house and since it’s pretty small, reservation is a must.

Kondou is a tofu maker first and foremost and the restaurant is there to showcase their products.

When you arrive at Kondou this is what you see.

You get a shot of tonyu “soy milk” and Oburo tofu which is really rich as a small starter.

The oburo tofu  has a great mouthfeel, like a rich and gooey camembert.

The little appetizers are not only pretty, it’s soy delicious!

Yu dofu is boiled tofu in soy milk.  Simple, good, hot.

That’s it

Just a drop of soy sauce is all you need.

Yuba sashimi

Hanbey fu from Kyoto



And the star of the show, YUBA!!!!

Yuba is coagulated soy milk

It’s really fun to make you own yuba.

Sesame tofu with Umi Budo from Okinawa and Kuya Mushi which is a tofu version the chawan mushi

A couple of veggies, clear soup and black rice

I ended this meal with a kuzu and soy milk jelly

After such a meal, I promise you will never see tofu in the same light.

Kondou Tofu



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