Kokin Chan: First Yatai Experience in Fukuoka

Fukuoka has a vibrant street food scene and Kokin Chan yatai  is famous for yaki-ramen or fried ramen.

Fukuoka has two faces: during the day it’s all business, but by night it’s the kingdom of street food where the famous yatai are offering the local cuisine right on the sidewalk.   If you have never seen a yatai, it’s pretty much a small food cart surrounded by a couple of stools.  Each yatai has a speciality and some of them are so popular that they have a line in front of them.   A typical yatai can only serve 6 to 8 eaters at a time.

Kokin Chan offers the very peculiar yaki-ramen which is a Fukuoka spin on the ever popular yaki-soba.   We stayed in Fukuoka a couple of nights and it’s on our third night that we finally found Kokin Chan to be open on a specific street corner in Tenjin. Famous yatai always open in the same spot.

We arrived a bit early and we sat on the curb while the Kochin Chan were setting up. The cart which carries the hotplate is the core of an elaborate structure of ply wood and plastic tarps.

We first ordered suji (beef tendons)  which simply melted in our mouth.

The tendons were followed by kimchi horumon which is pretty much offals fried with kimchi.   The horumon were super soft and tasty.

We ended up our brief encounter with Kochin Chan with the famous yaki-ramen.  The ramen noodles are cooked on a hot plate with veggies and drowned into yaki-soba sauce and a bit of soup.

The result is a brown -beige mess which is certainly tasty, a bit tangy, but certainly my favorite dish.

It was an interesting discovery for the sake of novelty, but I doubt I would order it again.  The suji and the kimchi horumon a far more memorable in my opinion.

Yaki ramen is offered at many places in Fukuoka and might even try it again on of these days.

Kokin Chan was a really fun place to eat and drink at.  Eating at a yatai in Fukuoka is a must despite the fact that most young people I talked to in Fukuoka hardly visit them.

Kokin Chan  open around 19h

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