Kirakuen ramen

Kirakuen  喜楽園 is a busy ramen shop in the Mizushima area of Kurashiki. I’ve driven near this shop for the better without ever noticing it.

My wife read about their fried rice in the January 2017 issue of Okayama magazine and decided we should go visit them before the new year.

The restaurant was packed at lunch. My wife said that Kirakuen is famous for being both really cheap and delicious.

You will not go broke at Kirakuen with regular ramen under 500 yen. I ordered the shashumen.

The pork was especially delicious for such a cheap bowl of shoyu ramen. Really liked the noodles.

My wife got the jajamen which was spicy.

We also ordered gyoza.

And the famous fried rice.  It’s a huge portion and it’s actually good.

Almost everybody in the restaurant was eating it, there is is no doubt that it’s the star item on the menu and a great value.

The fried rice came with a bowl of chicken soup.

Kirakuen is a good address if you are looking for a cheap, yet delicious meal in the Mizushima area of Kurashiki.  The whole meal for two came under 2000 yen. It’s a busy restaurant and you can expect to wait in line.

The restaurant is kid friendly.

Kirakuen 喜楽園