Katsudon Nomura

Katsudon Nomura is just a short walk away from Okayama Station and I have to thank my friend Brian for bringing me to this porky delicious restaurant. Katsudon or deep fried pork cutlet is quite common in Japan, so it’s always a pleasure to find a place that makes this seemingly simple dish very well.

Nomura has an English menu and the staff was trying their best to be helpful, so it’s really easy to order there.   I ordered the double pork rice bowl.

The one on the right has a thick and savoury demi glace sauce and the one one the left is covered with an egg.   The pork was good, but the demi glace sauce was my favorite part of the meal.   It has a lot of character and it’s pretty much the signature taste of Nomura. It’s a big meal well worth the 1200 yen I paid for it.  Of course they have smaller dishes too!

The interior of Nomura looks like an upturned boat, very rustic and minimalist.
The service was very friendly and I have a feeling I will end up back there pretty soon.

Katsudon Nomura

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