Ichiban Shokuji Dokoro Ramen

Ichiban Shokuji Dokoro or 一番食事処  is located in Mizushima part of Kurashiki.  The shop name means “the best place to eat” They serve Hakata style ramen and it was recommended by somebody who is from Kyushu. If you are familiar with the area, it’s located a minute from the Tsutaya movie rental shop.

The shop is small and feels well lived in.  It’s a bit far from the center of Kurashiki, but it’s a good place to stop if you are in the Mizushima area. The service was friendly and quick. An old man was eating sashimi when we walked in and it feels like it’s a place where local come to.

We ordered the regular ramen and the black ramen.  Basic ramen is only 650 yen. The shop specialty is tonkotsu or pork bone soup. Tonkotsu is easily my favorite style of ramen.

Regular ramen

The black ramen was slightly more spicy. I’m not exactly sure what the black stuff since it came for a plastic jar.

We also ordered fried rice.

When it comes to tonkotsu, I guess there is two schools, the strong and the mild approach.   The soup at Ichiban Shokuji Dokoro   is very mild and easily reminded me the stuff I had in Fukuoka. Don’t expect the fatty punch you would get at a place like Zundouya.

We ordered a second portion of noodle.

The second portion of noodle always seem to taste better than the first one.

Ichiban Shokuji Dokoro might not be the easiest shop to find, but it is an overall good ramen experience.

The shop has WIFI!!!  I know it might sound odd for some of you, but free wifi is somehow of a rarity in Japan. If you feel like eating ramen and reading the news on your computer, it’s the perfect place.


Ichiban Shokuji Dokoro 一番食事処

5 Chome-17-50 Kitase, Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture