Hyakuman Ryou Ramen

百万両 本店 (ひゃくまんりょう)Hyakuman Ryou ramen is an old shop located in the Tsurajima part of Kurashiki. Despite being a short distance from my house, it’s my first visit to this very popular shop.

It took me a little while to understand how this restaurant operates.

If it’s your first visit, find a seat and they will bring a bowl of ramen to you. There is no menu at Hyakuman Ryou, just one type of shouyu ramen. I like the idea of a one item restaurant.

Ramen is preparated when customers walk in, so the service is lightning fast.

The ramen was a classic shouyu ramen.   Good soup and noodles.

The only thing you can order is gyoza.  The gyoza were not too bad, but the next time, I will order ramen only.

The service at Hyakuman is minimal.  I noticed this poster which brakes down the price.

Ramen is 550 yen and ramen with gyoza is 770 yen.  There is change on the counter and the customer are expected the pick up their change and leave their payment.

If you are interested in eating in an old style ramen shop, Hyakuman Ryou is a good place to start.   At 550 yen, it’s a good deal.

The decoration is interesting with a gigantic camera aimed at the noodles.  The bookshelf has a cool record player and a reel-to-reel player.

I asked the meaning of Hyakuman Ryou to a Japanese teacher and it’s pretty much 1 million ryou which is an old currency.

Tsurajima is not the easiest place to access without a car, but it’s a good bike ride away from central Kurashiki.

百万両 本店 Hyakuman Ryou ramen

Kurashiki, Tsurajimachuo, 5 Chome−28−35