Hori Okonomiyaki

Yes, it’s that time of the year again when foodie tourist from all over the place descends on the small village of Hinase on the coast of Okayama Prefecture to eat oysters and I would not miss this for nothing.  On this latest venture into oyster okonomiyaki heaven we decided to try a new place, Hori.

Hori is located a bit inland on a diminutive shopping street and we decided to get there at around 10h30 AM and we were third on the waiting list.

Be warned, if you intend to partake in the pleasure of eating oysters in Hinase, you either arrive early or you can expect to wait a very long time.   If you drive, Hori has a small parking. If you don’t, Hori is a good walk from Hinase station.  Hinasa is a full on B1-Gourmet destination and people come from pretty far to try the okonomiyaki.

The restaurant is tiny!   Two ladies are cooking on the L shape teppan and the run the whole show.

The menu is pretty straigh forward.

Okonomiyaki are served in normal, medium or large portion of oysters, I opted for the medium and it was plenty. Pork and noodles are also option, but I recommend you try the simple version to really enjoy the plump oysters.

We started our meal with oysters on the hot plate.

The were simply sauted with oil and a bit of pepper and salt, that’s it! The skin has a nice crisp and you can always add a bit of soy sauce if you desire.

Okonomiyaki is served Kansai style.

They don’t skimp on the oysters!

And the finished version ready to eat.

The okonomiyaki at Hori has this characteristic Kansai soft texture and the spicy sauce on the counter is really good. My favorite use to be Arata, so I left Hori a bit conflicted. I guess they are both really delicious in their own way.

Just before I left, the lady was preparing a large order of mouth watering sauted oysters.

As expected, the line outside the shop was pretty long when we were done with our lunch.


Hinase, Okayama Prefecture


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