Hitachino Nest Beer Nipponia

Finding beer in Japan is never a problem, you can even purchase a can of Asahi Super Dry in a vending machine, but finding microbrewery beer is often a challenge if you don’t live in Tokyo or Osaka.

I found a new liquor shop in Kurashiki last weekend and I was really happy to see Hitchino Nest Beer on the shelves.   The Nipponia caught my attention with its 550 ml size.

The beer is slightly stronger than most Japanese beer with a 6.5 alcohol percentage.

The Nipponia is brewed with two native ingredients: Kaneko Golden barley and Sorachi Ace hop from Hokkaido.   The result is a rich tasting beer with a very nice hoppy depth. This beer has a nice golden colour with a great thick head.

My father-in-law who has been drinking Asahi his whole life was shocked by how good the beer tasted.  I am slowly expending his beer horizon while he introduces me to great saké.

Finding new micro brewery beer is always a pleasure and the Nipponia is a great beer made with native ingredients.  Eating local is great, but drinking local is even better!

Kiuchi Brewery website

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