Hiroshima Mitchan Okonomiyaki

Hiroshima is famous for okonomiyaki and in the town of okonomiyaki, Mitchan is my restaurant of choice. I’ve been to Mitchan at least twice a year for the last 3 years and they have been serving great food every time.

For a touristy quick fix, head to Okonomiyaki Mura (village), but go to Mitchan if you want to line up with the locals.

The restaurant has recently been renovated.

The renovation came as bit of surprise on my last visit to Hiroshima.  It’s the same food, but served in a modern setting.  The old patina has been traded for a state of the art kitchen and a woody atmosphere.

This is a picture of the old Mitchan with the owners

It’s a weird choice, but I guess the owner didn’t treasure the old look.  That kind of patina is priceless and I am sure many people aren’t too happy about it.

Mitchan hasn’t lost it’s good taste since it’s same crew who is behind the massive hot plate.

I ordered the special okonomiyaki which has almost everything: shrimp, bacon, squid and plenty of cabbage. Order the special only if you are hungry, it’s a lot of food!

Mitchan has it’s own sauce which sets it apart from the competition.

They have ramen on the menu and they aren’t half bad, but I think it’s a bit of a sacrilege to eat ramen in this temple of okonomiyaki.

Service is always great and very friendly. If a foreigner walks in, they always send somebody with a special English menu and they can understand a bit of English.

Mitchan is a chain with a couple of shops in the city.  They also have a shop inside Hiroshima airport which I have tried.  I think I like the original store because the owners are overseeing the operations.

The next time you visit Hiroshima, be sure to try Mitchan.  If you got a favorite shop you think I should try, don’t hesitate to send me it’s location.


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