Hiroki Okonomiyaki in Hiroshima City

When it comes to okonomiyaki, I undoubtly go toward the Hiroshima style, so imagine when I found out that a tiny shop was featured in the new Michelin guide, I had to try Hiroki okonomiyaki.

Well, if you want to eat at Hiroki, you will first need to find it and it was no easy task. I drove around the place following my navigation system in anger.  I was pretty much turning around in a radius of about 100 m until I finally found the tiny tiny shop.

We arrived first and waited a while and you should do the same unless you like waiting in a long line in the middle of nowhere.

The shop has only a few seats.

The menu.  I ordered the basic double noodles which was only 800 yen, but it’s possible to add a bunch of stuff.

The chef at work

The result

Hiroki okonomiyaki was simple. Everything was well balanced and delicious.  Could I call this a minimalist approach to okonomiyaki?

If you are curious at trying a Michelin okonomiyaki shop, I think Hiroki is actually worth the drive. I have nothing against Okonomiyaki village in the center of the city, but this tiny shop felt closer to the essence of okonomiyaki then a big tourist place.

Ok, I talked too fast, this is the bunch of people waiting outside.  This place is super popular too!

Hiroki Okonomiyaki

3-28-28 Funakoshiminami, Aki-ku, Hiroshima