Hirao Tempura in Fukuoka

Hirao tempura restaurant was suggested to me while I was having a not so gastronomical dinner of Costco pizza drenched with Malbec Costco wine.  Despite having the least Japanese meal you can imagine, since my host was born and raised in Fukuoka, I trusted him with the next day lunch.  Always trust the local!!!

I was told three things:

1- It’s delicious

2- Arrive early or be prepare to wait

3- It’s a great place to watch airplanes.

Number 3 and the rest of the list were all true. This is the view from the front door of Hirao.

Hirao has 6 adresses in the Fukuoka area, but the airport one is the original shop.

Hirao is a counter style restaurant where you buy a dinning ticket at the door. It’s a long and narrow restaurant.

Our set lunch was less than 800 yen and came with rice, miso soup and all you can eat side dishes.

The side dishes were really good.

The tempura is cooked right and front of us and brought to the table burning hot.

Little fish, eggplant

Great squid

The cooking station

I made the mistake of having a copious breakfast before heading to Hirao, but I can promise that I will go back after I starved myself for a couple of hours.  The tempura was just perfect, the ambiance was great and I  loved that place.

If you have visited other Fukuoka shops, please let me know what you think.

Hirao Main Store



open at 10h30 AM